Easy Profits From Expired Domains

“The dot com crash may have scared many people into believing there is no money to be made buying and selling domain names. But in reality the dot com crash is the reason there are so many abandoned websites that are removed and available to purchase in auctions.

Automated tools available online are used for locating, and appraising these domain names. These automated tools can even buy qualifying domain names.

Many people buy expired domain names for profit. Expired domain names are sites that have been previously registered by another owner who had lost them commonly due to non-payment of domain name renewal fees. Commonly these domain names will be back up about 45 days after the expiration date.

There are countless numbers of other domain names that expired before the website was developed, and do not appear online. The majority of these sites have owners who donĂ­t follow through with development and allow the domain name to expire.

The best type of domain name to invest in is an expired site that is fully functioning and receiving daily traffic from search engines. These larger websites also likely have links and banner ads. The websites can earn major cash revenue if the new owner redirects the traffic to a different website.

You can be a part of the profitable effortless market of buying and selling domain names to speculators and developers. Try to find expiring domain registration on a new technology or other popular trend.

Many investors buy expiring domain names for the point of redirecting the traffic. You can also buy an expired domain name and then put up a mimic website. There are many tools available to help you complete this task including easy to use website building software, third part payment processors, and auto responders.”

Big Profit From Buying And Selling Domain Names

The Internet domain market has become more and more lucrative in the past few years. Almost all companies as well as many individual people these days have websites, and most would prefer their websites to be immediately recognizable. Domain names tell people what websites are about, and this can be a big plus when someone is doing a search and looking for something specific. Although almost anyone can have a free website through his or her Internet provider, the addresses of these websites will usually contain the name of the provider first, and then whatever name the user chooses for the website. For example, if your Internet provider is called ABC Internet, and you build a website using the web space that your provider gives you, you may want to name your website “yourshop”. Though you would prefer the website to simply be called yourshop.com.

Businesses, and many people, prefer their website names to be succinct and to the point. This is where domain name buyers and sellers come in. No two people can use the exact same domain name – domain names are registered to owners – therefore, every time someone wants to give a website a certain name, he or she must first do a search to see if that domain name is already taken. If the domain name is taken, then he or she can check to see if it is for sale, and possibly buy it from whoever owns it.

It becomes clear, then, that buying and selling domain names can be quite lucrative if done properly. The more registered domain names you own and are willing to sell, the more money you can make from people who want to use them. If you are interested in buying and selling domains, however, you must first do a little research. If you own several domain names, but they aren’t ones that most people would be interested in using, then you are sitting on inventory that isn’t going to move – and this inventory costs you money. Domain name registrations need to be renewed periodically, and this always involves a fee. To actually make money selling domain names, you need to own names that are popular. If you own a domain name called “JustSomeStuff.com”, there probably isn’t going to be a big market for it. If, however, you own a domain named called “Plumbing.com”, you may find that more people are interested in using this name.

The most popular method that people use to make money from selling domain names is to become a domain name reseller through a domain name registrar. Using this method, you buy and register available domain names from a licensed registrar at wholesale prices, and then you can turn around and sell these domain names for a profit. Licensed registrars usually welcome this type of business transaction, as it drums up more business for them, since the resellers provide most of the advertising. Many large domain name sellers are actually resellers for even larger domain name registrars. This type of business relationship is common.

As a domain name buyer and reseller, you will need to find ways to advertise your business. If your domain name buying and reselling business is small, you can usually just post ads in websites and forums where people advertise domain names for sale. There are many of these types of websites and message boards on the Internet, and you will be able to find of several of them by using an Internet search engine. If you plan on having a large domain name buying and reselling business, then your best bet is to have your own website where people can search through or inquire about the domain names that you have available for sale. Your website should include reliable contact information so that potential buyers can ask any questions that they might have. Spending a little money for advertising can go a long way in ensuring that your domain name buying and selling business will be a success.

About selling domains

From Dubai to Chicago, telecom companies are introducing new area codes to meet the demand of new telephone numbers businesses. If only this was possible for Internet domain names – the .com addresses, like business.com,auto.com and phones.com– that are the invaluable gold mine of the Digital Age. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of .com domain names, and due to the demand supply ration which is out of whack, corporates are squabbling with one another to secure the right domains.

Let’s face it, image is exceptionally critical to any online business and domain names have their own brand image. Short domains, one word names with the dot com after them are in extreme demand. A domain name must be memorable and easy to remember because a domain name must be able to stand alone for any corporate to have its own online identity. Customer’s today type in the most used domain names simply from memory. A great domain name means search engines simply aren’t necessary.

Who are domainers?

Domainers are the professionals who deal in domain names. Domainers buy, sell, and develop domain names in a manner similar to real estate investors. Domainers generate revenue via domain parking, web-site development, and resale of domain names. Domainers are also sometimes referred to as domain investors, web site developers, domain registrants and commercial registrants.

As of December 2006 there are an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 individuals globally who make buying and selling domain names a part of their business. USA Today reported that many Domainers prefer to remain anonymous due to the highly competitive nature of their business[1]

2. What is pay per click advertising?

Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising technique used on websites, advertising networks, and search engines.

Advertisers bid on “keywords” that they believe their target market (people they think would be interested in their offer) would type in the search bar when they are looking for their type of product or service. For example, if an advertiser sells red widgets, he/she would bid on the keyword “red widgets”, hoping a user would type those words in the search bar, see their ad, click on it and buy.

These ads are called “sponsored links” or “sponsored ads” and appear next to and sometimes above the natural or organic results on the page. The advertiser pays only when the user clicks on the ad.

While many companies exist in this space, Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing, which was formerly Overture, are the largest network operators as of 2006. In the spring of 2006, MSN started beta testing their own in-house service, MSN adCenter. Arguably this advertising model may be open to abuse through click fraud, although recently Google and other search engines have implemented automated systems to guard against this.

3. What is direct navigation?

Direct navigation describes the method individuals use to navigate the Internet in order to arrive at specific websites. Direct navigation is a new, loosely defined term, which is generally understood to include type-in traffic and bookmarked traffic. This involves an internet user navigating to a website directly through the website address bar, bypassing any online search engines and navigating directly to the domain.

WebSideStory has recently published a report illustrating that direct navigation traffic, converts into sales for advertisers at a rate twice that of search engines.[1] Specifically, the Q4 2005 study of internet traffic, revealed that direct navigation traffic such as browser type-in traffic, bookmarks of existing sites and visits to existing, known website domain names converts into sales for advertisers at 4.23% of total visits compared to 2.3% for product and service related searches performed via the search box at search engines such as Google and Yahoo.[1]

Do you have skills predicting future trends? What names might be big in the next few years if a woman or a black man were elected president, if an issue other than terrorism begins to creep into the world psyche? If green becomes in or America revamps its health care system what will be the key domain names that will represent the future? What names today represent a great business opportunities for you tomorrow?

Make a Good Living From Home With Domain Name Selling

If you are aware of the best practices, reselling domain names can earn you a considerable amount of money. There are some factors that you need to consider for this. First of all, you must be able to speculate what names would sell the most and generate most demand. Let us look at all the points one should consider when looking to sell domain names to make some good money out of this business.

How To Choose The Best Selling Names

A small domain name is much more desirable than a large and complicated domain name. It is easier to type and remember for the surfer. Because of this, small domain names are very effective for advertising through word of mouth.

Once you have a domain name, try to get it a good ranking with search engine optimization. This greatly increases the value of the domain name. It can be achieved by good advertising and following the other methods of search engine optimization. Any business that purchases it will have a good ranking and hence get more visitors to their website with the domain name.

Selling Domain Names

Now that you have a good domain name that will get you a good price, how do you go for selling it? It is very simple. Try to go for the various forums, blogs and auctioneering websites and post the domain name and the price you are looking to sell it for. This generally gets a lot of people and businesses getting back to you provided your domain name is good enough.

The best thing to do is to wait for some time before actually selling off the domain name. In the mean time you can check the price of similar domain names and how they are selling. When you feel that the prices being offered are good enough, advertise about the domain name and sell it off at the best price obtained.In this way you can make very good money by selling domain names. Even when you have the domain name parked and are waiting for the best price, you can use it in various ways to generate money. Affiliate marketing, pay-per-click programs, etc are some of the ways for you to go for it.

Domain name reselling business is a great money maker requiring very little effort from you. If you are a bit careful and go for this business intelligently, you can make a lot of money with the minimum effort applied.

How to chose a good domain name.

How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Some people tell me that all the good domain names are taken, but that is not true. Follow these tips for when you search for a domain name and hopefully this will help you grab a good one.

Remember domain names are a couple of cheeseburgers and a coke a year to own, and you can really never own enough of them.

Tips for Avoiding Poor Domain Names

*Avoid using domains that are deliberately misspelled.
Ex: SellURHome2Us vs. SellYourHomeToUs

* Avoid using domains with hyphens.
Ex: WeBuyPrettyHouses vs. We-Buy-Pretty-Houses

*Avoid using domains that are way too long.
Ex: WeSaveHomesFromForeclosure.com

*Avoid using domains that are meaningful only to you.
Ex: ABCFinancialGroup.com (investor or bank?)

*Avoid using .org unless you want people to think you’re a non-profit organization.
Ex: HomeSolutions.org (non-profit?)

*Avoid using unpopular domain extensions such as
.info, .tv, .cc, .ws, .name, etc. for your Primary Domain.

Tips for Choosing Good Domain Names

*Choose a domain that is short as possible.

*Choose a domain that is easy to spell and remember.

*Choose a value laden domain that says what you do.

*Try to purchase a .com or a .net if possible. If you are really set on a certain domain name, settle for a .biz or .us if necessary.

*Purchase YourCompanyName.com so that no one else will.

*Purchase the .net, .biz, .us and all others too if you can.

*If your company name is taken, try adding an inc or llc to the end of the name and see if that is available.

*Anytime you get a good .com domain, tie up the .net, .biz, .us and any other variations of the name so others can’t.

*If you find a really good domain name, purchase it for more than one year. Tie it up for as long as you can.

*When purchasing domain names, be sure to set them to automatically renew so you don’t forget to renew.

*Don’t use YourCompanyName.com on your marketing material if your company name is vague or ambiguous.

*Make your domains private or unlisted for anonymity.

*Private domains also keep your email and fax off the public WHOIS database and help prevent SPAM and junk faxes.

*Make a list of all the words you would like to use in your domain name.
Ex: We + Buy + Houses + Fast

*If your name is taken, rearrange the words or insert new words in between them.
Ex: We + Buy + Atlanta + Houses or Homes

*Make a complete list of all the domains you want to purchase.

Tips and Tricks

*Domains that are mapped to your websites are attached to your sites.

*Domains that are forwarded, are not attached to your site, but are simply redirected to your site.

*Mapped domains get picked up by the search engines. Forwarded domains don’t.